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Carole Walter’s Custom Pastry Cloth and Rolling Pin Cover - now on sale!

I am pleased to announce that my custom pastry cloth and rolling pin cover, designed to my specifications, are now available for sale on Etsy. These cloths require less flour to create a nonstick surface and are perfect for rolling pie and pastry doughs, biscuits and pizza doughs. Because flour is absorbed into the canvas—not the dough—dough remains light and flakey.

Cloth measures 20" x 24" and rolling pin cover is 15" long. Made in USA.

• Great for a stocking stuffer!

• 100% canvas

• Silk-screened instructions for the roll around the clock method of rolling dough

• Comes with 2 rolling pin covers
Carole's Rich Chocolate Cookie from "Great Cookies" was recently featured in The New York Times Food Section!
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Welcome to my new website. As you explore the pages, you will find a world of useful information to help you become a better baker. My hallmark on teaching and baking has always been about TECHNIQUE. The purpose of my website is to help you be more confident about baking as well as making it a pleasurable experience.

Below is a Table of Contents to help guide you through my site.

Carole Walter was featured in the February 2013 issue of NJ Monthly magazine!
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About Me
If you are wondering where my passion for baking came from, be sure to read "About Me." My background, experience, and love for baking will all be explained here.
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"Cookbooks" is where you will find information about my award winning cookbooks and how to order them.
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Enjoy my new and tasty Featured Recipe.
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My Favorites page will enlighten you to all my favorite tools, equipment and where I like to shop. You will also find links to my favorite sites in the culinary world.
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On my “Hotline” page, I am just a click away to help you with your challenges from measuring flour, correcting over beaten egg whites and even preparing croissant dough.
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School of Baking
You can register for my online School of Baking or give a gift!
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